Hey bestie! I'm so hoppy you're here.

Don't let my disguise fool you... I'm actually two rabbits in a trench-coat.

Loppy Rae has been my online alias since the early 2010s! I started this store in mid-2020 with some sticker paper and a whole lotta audacity. And obviously, whatever I did worked, because you're still stuck with me four years later.

Now, I'm 30 years old and having the time of my life drawing silly relatable art and goofing off on the internet... and it's all thanks to your support!

So... what's up with the rabbit?

Meet Dollop, our adorable yet slightly unhinged mascot. I created Dollop to be both expressive and easy to draw. Thanks to this combination, it's easy to draw him in a wide array of situations: from relatable to ridiculous. But despite all of his antics, he's so much more than just a silly fat rabbit!

As an autistic queer person growing up in the early 00s, I've felt like the odd one out for... pretty much my entire life. I know I'm not the only one either. I started using Dollop to illustrate my own experiences as I fumbled through adulthood as a neurodivergent person. And y'know what? When you start sharing your thoughts with the world, no matter how weird or scary, you end up finding like-minded people!

My goal is to create oddly specific and relatable products for all of my fellow societal outcasts. This world is vast and scary, but it's easier when you know you're not the only one who feels that way. I hope my art can make you smile, laugh, or at times, just say "what the f*ck." No matter what you get out of it, I'm just hoppy that you're here!

Meet Riot!

Riot joined the team in early 2024! They currently manage my Instagram, Patreon, and Discord! It's thanks to Riot that I can even keep my head on straight most days. -Loppy

Hi everybunny! I'm a Riot (literally) and my pronouns are they/them. I'm a queer ancient elder millenial goth who relates a bit too closely to roombas. I would say I'm built different but it's the AuDHD. When I am not conspiring with Dollop to take over the world one unhinged post at a time under the disguise of Loppy's Assistant Bun, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and writing morally grey original characters that get traumatized weekly in a Pathfinder Campaign. -Riot